3onedata RMA Service

3onedata provides maintenance and repair services for both warranty and out-of-warranty products. RMA items to be repaired or replaced will be defined in the following procedures.

Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) Flow Chart


Put forward the RMA request and send it to 3onedata contact window


Ø The RMA request form must be filled in and submitted to 3onedata service contact window. The description of item malfunction should be as detailed as possible.

Ø When the RMA form is received, we will have preliminary checking assessment about the problem. After this, a RMA number and return address will be provided for repairing if necessary. Hardware without valid and authorized RMA number would be unacceptable.

Ø RMA number is valid in 30 days after being sent.

Ø When the defective units are sent back to 3onedata, the RMA number should be in the box and one copy on the packing box with prenotice to 3on3data before shipping. (Faxing or posting your invoice and packing list of the RMA). If the RMA package is returned without a RMA number, it would be refused at 3onedata’s sole discretion.


Ø Products must be returned in an appropriate condition with proper packaging and shipping materials (comply with ESD safety precautions if applicable) to avoid damage during the delivery. 3onedata is free from any damage by inappropriate packing.


Ø  The defective units will be repaired while accessories are not concluded. If you believe the accessories may be part of the problem, please indicate clearly in the request form. Otherwise we are not sure that your accessories will be returned.


Verify Warranty Eligibility & Service Fee Charged Policy 


The serial number of device will be checked to check whether they are under warranty period. The processes and questions you may probably have are listed here:


Ø If the returned product is out of warranty, a proforma invoice at an estimated cost of repaired devices will be sent for approval before repairing. Product damage caused by environmental factors would also be charged.

Ø If the return product is under warranty, the defect device will be checked and evaluated whether to repair or replace the needed items. All service will be determined by 3onedata RMA Team and you can have regular contact with the contact window.


When will I Receive Returned RMA Items? 


It will take about 10-15 working days after our notification to ship the replaced or repaired items after reasonable handling. The actual delivery time may vary from a couple of days depending on customs transaction.

RMA report will be shipped along with the replaced or repaired items as a proof of the RMA process.


Shipping Cost of RMA Units 


The requested cost of returned item will be covered if the defeated item is still within warranty period. Repaired items will be returned by mail in priority selection. Additional costs will be counted on customer side if a private shipping service is asked such as UPS or DHL. If you require any special shipping arrangements, please inform us when shipping your item to 3onedata. In addition, two-way shipment charges will be taken if the warranty period of the item is invalid. 


Shipping charge calculation method


 Warranty Period (IN/OUT)

 Sending to 3onedata

Returning to customer

IN warranty



OUT warranty







* DOA (Defect on Arrival): A product is found to be defective within 3 months from the shipping date from 3onedata.


Products are warrantied to be free from manufacturing defects in materials and workmanship from shipping from 3onedata. The actual warranty period of products varies according to product category.