1. Why is the web browser page displayed abnormally?
Before accessing WEB, please clear IE browser cache and cookies. Otherwise it may cause the page to display abnormally.


2. What should I do if I forget my login password?
a. Restore the factory settings via the management software BlueEyes_II.
b. Use DIP switch to make device restore factory settings according to hardware user manual.
c. The initial user name and password are "admin" for layer 2 switch, serial server and Modbus gateway.


3. Is it equivalent to configure the device through between the web browser and the management software?
Both configurations are the same and do not conflict.


4. The indicator is abnormal when product is powered?
a. Check the power adapter voltage is suitable according to the back sticker of product.
b. Check the ‘+’ and ‘-’ according to mark of product.


5. 3onedata managed switch can be searched through BlueEyes_II, but it fails to enter web configuration page, what can users do about it?
Users should confirm that the IP address of the computer is on the same network segment as the IP address of switch.


6. What operating system does 3onedata managed switch software support?
Microsoft Windows 2000, Window XP, Windows 2003, Windows Server 2008, Windows 7, Window 8, Windows 10 and other mainstream 32bit &64bit operating system.


7. Can SFP optical modules from other companies be used in 3onedata switches?
3onedata switches have good compatibility with other switches, as for compatibility of SFP modules, we recommend users adopt our modules to avoid compatibility issues.


8. What kind of serial port is console port in 3onedata managed switch? What is the pin definition?
PIN definition: 2-TXD 3-RXD 5-GND.


9. Why cannot the bandwidth increase after configured trunking?
Check the trunking port's properties are coincident, including rate, duplex mode, VLAN etc.


10. How to deal the problem that some of ports cannot access?
When some of ports cannot access, that may be line fault, network card failure and switch port failure, by the following test to find faults:
a. Only change a new Ethernet cable.
b. Use the same Ethernet cable and switch port, to replace the computer.
c. Use the same Ethernet cable and computer, to access other ports.

If it has confirmed switch fault, please contact manufacture to repair.


11. What about the order of port adaptive status detection?
Port to detect the status in the following order: 100Mbps full duplex, 100Mbps half-duplex, 10Mbps full-duplex, and 10Mbps half-duplex, in descending order to detect and automatically connect with the highest speed.


12. In generally, the type of fiber port of switch?
SC, ST, FC, LC(use SFP module)


13. In generally, what is the transmission distance of fiber?
Multi mode, it has 500m, 2km; Single mode, it has 20km, 40km, 60km,80km, 100km, 120km


14. In generally, what is the power supply voltage range?
DC 12-48VDC, AC 85-265V, they are market on the back sticker of product.


15. What’s main function of BlueEyes_II?
BlueEyes_II could research the IP address and Mac address, change IP address, restore factory settings, change product name.


16. What’s the default IP address of managed device?
The default IP address is


17. What’s common material for product?
Datasheet and hardware user manual, some has software user manual.


18. How long is the recovery time of SW-Ring?
SW-Ring managed switch is less than 20ms.


1. Using TCP Socket communication mode makes serial server connect to the door access machine, finding that cannot communicate properly?
Fault detection:
a. The IP address and port number may not be configured correctly.
b. The serial port parameters may not be configured correctly.
c. RS-485 wiring may be abnormal.
Problem solving:
find the parity bit is error, none parity is modified to mark parity, communication is normal.


2. Serial server cannot communicate properly, a command is sent, but sending data from serial server is wrong?
Fault detection:
Older version of VSP Manager's RealCom function to receive code algorithm exception, resulting in the serial server to open the WEB function and VSP Manager open RealCom function, the sending and receiving data of the serial port are wrong.
Problem Solving:
After upgrading the VSP management software, the communication is normal.


3. PC directly connects to the serial server, Ping test has packet loss?
Check whether the Ethernet port of the serial server is damaged, if it has been damaged, it will cause Ping test packet loss.


4. Serial server and computer with network cable connection, the local connection will appear ‘!’ exclamation mark (that is to say, local connection is limited)?
Fault detection:
a. MAC address aging.
b. The computer and serial server are not on the same network segment.
Problem Solving:
After a period of time to see whether the local connection "!" exclamation mark comes or the computer and serial server can be changed on the same network segment.


5. Serial server link LED does not light?
Fault detection:
a. The serial server is not powered on.
b. Network cable or fiber optic cable is not connected or poor contact, network cable damage.
c. Network port damage, network cable line error and was not made according to the standard line.
d. Optical port damage, fiber type, fiber wavelength, transmission distance, transmission medium and data format does not match.
e. The serial port server link indicator is damaged.
Problem Solving:
a. Confirm the communication environment, whether the device is powered on, check the network cable contact problem.
b. Use the Ping command to the IP address of the serial server. If the Ping succeeds, the serial port link LED is broken. If the Ping fails, proceed to the following steps.
c. For electrical port, replace the network cable, computer or serial port to test the electrical port.
d. For optical ports, check whether the fiber type, fiber wavelength, transmission distance, transmission medium, and data format match. If it matches, replace the fiber or optical port for testing.


6. Why is the serial server power supply not powered?
Check whether the power supply is damaged or whether the positive and negative terminals are connected; whether the power indicator light is on and the power supply is stable.


7. VSP Manager can be used to search for the device, and the establishment of a virtual serial port, but look at the virtual serial port, unable to link?
Problem Detection:
Probably not open session.
Problem Solving:
a. Confirm the communication environment, if you can search the device, link indicator light is also bright, that PC to the serial server can communicate.
b. Check whether the PC and the serial server can Ping successfully. If the Ping fails, change the PC and serial server to the same network segment.
c. Enter the configuration interface of the serial server to check whether the working mode is configured correctly; whether the IP address and port number of the remote virtual serial device and the serial server are consistent.


8. Test the serial server with test software and find garbled?
Fault detection:
serial port parameters do not match, for no reason to open RealCom function.
Problem Solving:
a. Confirm the communication environment (whether there is a strong magnetic field around), check whether the communication line is in good contact, and whether the quality of the communication line is OK.
b. Verify that the serial parameters of the test software, serial server, and serial device are matched.
c. When creating a virtual serial port, select "RealCom Mode" for the working mode in the Web configuration interface of the serial server.


9. Why is the serial server disconnected after a period of connection?
a. Equipment supply voltage instability. Troubleshooting: Check the power supply wiring and supply voltage.
b. Network status is unstable. Troubleshooting: Ping the IP address of the serial server to check the network.
c. TCP connection channel is occupied. Troubleshooting: Modify the serial server's IP address and local port number.
d. VSP driver software is modified. Troubleshooting: Install the high version of the VSP driver software.

e. The firewall caused the device to fail to connect. Troubleshooting: Turn off the firewall and anti-virus software.
f. Hardware problems. Troubleshooting: Replace the computer, network cable, serial server.
g. Upper software caused. Troubleshooting: restart the upper software, re-establish the connection.


10. Can a serial server support multiple computer communications?
Yes, it requires multi-session connection are open.


11. When the two computers correspond to a virtual serial port, will the communication be intermittent?
Open two sessions, the establishment of two virtual serial port to communicate.


12. Does CP202-2CI support CANopen protocols?
No, CP202-2CI supports CAN2.0A & CAN2.0B protocol.


13. What is the difference between Modbus gateway and serial server?
a. Both of the two devices can accomplish the conversion between serial port and Ethernet port.
b. There is a standard Modbus protocol inside the Modbus gateway, realizing the conversion between Modbus TCP and Modbus RTU/ASCII, while serial sever just realizes the transmission in 
Ethernet port and serial port and could not read and analysis Modbus protocol message.


14.  Serial server work in TCP client mode, can support virtual serial communication?
a. Serial server work in TCP Server mode, support virtual serial communication, RealCom function is turned on.
b. Serial server work in TCP Client mode, does not support virtual serial communication, RealCom function is turned off.
c. Serial server work in UDP mode, does not support virtual serial communication, RealCom function is turned off.