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3onedata OEM Service

Shenzhen 3onedata Technology Co.,Ltd as a best professional manufacturer in Industrial Ethernet switches, serial device servers, RS232/485/422/USB/TTL/Fiber converters, Ethernet media converters, video to fiber converters in China, we can provide good quality and overall products. With strong development capacity, advanced production technology and super strength, we sincerely look forward to establish good cooperation relationship with global partners for OEM project in our products, and keeping good strategic cooperation relationship .

OEM procedure


Ø OEM is only for the change of label, logo and model name, detailed information you can refer to below illustration.

Ø Any other request would be considered as ODM request, please refer to ODM service.


Illustration of available changes in OEM

Hardware and appearance modify

1. PVC

Customize PVC, customer should provide LOGO and PVC information

For example:


                    ①                                                        ②                                                       ③                                                        

Picture ① is 3onedata PVC, included 3onedata LOGO information;

Picture ② is neutral PVC, without any LOGO and part number information;

Picture ③ is Customized PVC, will add Customer LOGO to replace 3onedata LOGO, Customer should provide LOGO

Picture ④ is Customized PVC, customer provide PVC by themselves, port and LED indicator position is fixed

NoteCustomer provide LOGO and PVCrecommend format is“.CDR” file and mark out color RGB or CMYK.

2. Labels

1) Product labels

DIN rail switch left and right side put the product labels, part number can be modified to Customer’s part number .

For example:


If product included fiber port,  mark out optical module information or not?

Need S/N code【】 or not.


2) Packing labels

For example:


Frame 1: Customer provide LOGO and company name, if Company name is too long, will just add LOGO, if did not have any information, will make it empty.

Frame 2,Fill in customized part number:

Frame 3,Made in China need to keep or not;

3. Accessories

1) User manual, operation manual

User manual will change the logo and part number to print, operation manual will change the part number or use neutral manual, put in CD.

2) Certificate, warranty card

    Certificate, warranty card have ‘3onedata’ logo, Customized products did not provided it

Software modify

Customer provide LOGO picture, part number, contact information, MAC address, description


NoteCustomer should provide LOGO in GIF format, 208*74 pixel and less than 12K


File must be GIF, 208×74 pixels and less than 12K. Or there might be exceptions.

WEB title



No more than 16 character, digital or symbol “- _ @ ! , .”  do not support blank space










Serial NO.



No more than 28 character, digital or symbol “- _ @ ! , .”  do not support blank space

Contact information



MAC Address

If did not have specify MAC, will use 3onedata MAC address