Transmission line online monitoring


With the increasing pressure of global resources and environment, the reliability of power supply is increasing, and the operation of power network is facing a great challenge. Transmission equipment condition monitoring system is an important part of smart grid transmission links in the construction of, is the realization of power transmission and transformation equipment state overhaul management and an important way to enhance the production operation management level of lean. The monitoring system uses a variety of sensing technology, wide area communication technology and information processing technology that realizes the real-time sensing, monitoring, warning, analysis, diagnosis and evaluation of the operation status of all kinds of transmission equipment.

Project requirements
Requirements to achieve environmental monitoring and temperature sensing data transmission line monitoring, timely detection of hidden dangers, to prevent interference or damage to the transmission.
Has a good ability to resist interference, can adapt to the harsh environment.


System Diagram



Scheme introduction
This scheme is in the high voltage transmission lines each tower installed two types of cameras and a wireless AP (common AP or hot spots AP), our network management switch is mainly connected with the tower on the hot spot AP, and then connected with the other hot spots AP network management switch consisting of fiber ring network. At intervals along the right distance from the location of specific tower cable connection box with a IES7110~2GS Industrial Ethernet switches as the aggregation point; through high pressure lose wire electric power special optical cable in 1-2 root free fiber connected the focal point along the, composed of an Ethernet network; at all levels of the tower on the radio monitoring node is formed between the with self-organizing, adaptive ability of wireless ad hoc network, in a certain region on line monitoring information of relay, sent to the set convergence in the tower on the industrial Ethernet node by multiple forwarding of data communication.

Scheme advantage
The switch uses industrial grade design, no fan, low power consumption, support for -40~75℃ working temperature, metal shell, IP30 protection class.
Support a variety of installation methods.
SW-Ring (recovery time < 20ms
at full load).
Fast bandwidth for data acquisition, Gigabit bandwidth for data aggregation uploads that bandwidth is maximized, has the good communication and stability.


·Support 8 port 10Base-T/100Base-TX Ethernet and 2 port Gigabit SFP
·SW-Ring ring network patent technology (Fault recovery time<20ms)
·Support Port based VLAN and IEEE 802.1Q VLAN
·Support GMRP, IGMP snooping and static Multicast
·Support Ethernet 10/100M self-adaption
·12~48VDC wide voltage redundancy power supply input
·No fan, -40~75℃ working temperature
·IP40 protection, high strength metal shell, DIN rail mount

·Support 24 port 10Base-T/100Base-TX Ethernet and 4 port Gigabit SFP
·SW-Ring ring network patent technology (Fault recovery time<20ms)
·Support Port based VLAN and IEEE 802.1Q VLAN
·Support GMRP, IGMP snooping and static Multicast
·Support bandwidth 12.8G
·No fan, working temperature -40~75℃
·100~240VAC power input
·Support 1U rack mounting