Transformer Substation Communication System


The core duty for electric power application lies in the provision of uninterrupted and reliable power supply regardless of the harsh environment of transformer substation. To ensure the available communication among different intelligent electrical equipment. It is necessary to adopt IEC 61850-3 of international standard for automatic system of the transformer substation. This standard adopts the communication structure based on the Ethernet technologies.

Furthermore, Ethernet standard is characterized by its perfect inter-operation. This means that the system has such features as low construction cost and high flexibility, which is available for seamless integration with existing systems. The optical fiber Ethernet has advantages such as high capacity, resistance to electromagnetic disturbance, long-distance conveying and low cost. Owing to industrial Ethernet products characterized by integrated optical port, electric port, wide temperature range and DC power supply, industrial Ethernet can be applied to the transformer substation to provide further assurance for stable power supply.