Public security emergency command system


In the face of all kinds of unexpected events, large-scale activities of security, natural disasters, etc, it will cause serious losses without efficient emergency system. Emergency communication system is an important part of the whole government emergency command system, it is an effective extension of the emergency command ability of government agencies, and can realize the emergency command and dispatch. Comprehensively solve the government emergency scene real-time monitoring, video / image transmission, data transmission, multi - mode communication network interconnection and field command scheduling.

Project requirements
According to the actual demand, a public security unit needs to build a wireless emergency command system that modular product is integrated in the vehicle terminal equipment, so as to improve the response speed of the incident. Command center is located in the office building, through the erection of a wireless base station and wireless signal coverage. Emergency command vehicle through the wireless device to the vehicle's audio and video signal real-time transmission to the command center, the transmission distance is greater than 20km. In special environments, it needs to use individual equipment, through the vehicle relay mode, the wireless transmission distance between individual equipment and communication car can reach more than 5km as requirement.

System Diagram



Scheme introduction
3onedata products are mainly used in wireless base station wireless receiving device and the front command vehicle terminal, in which the IEM605-2D module is integrated into the vehicle terminal and base station communication device, fast Ethernet port connection wireless antenna, decoder and camera, that the serial port for debugging equipment and vehicle controller. The whole emergency command system uses the wireless communication mode and the base station group covers the whole working area, which constitutes the internal wireless LAN, fast, reliable, safe and stable operation. Emergency communication vehicles are equipped with wireless transmitter terminal equipment, the field of video and voice shall be sent to the base station, while the base station send data to the command center and monitoring center, complete unified scheduling and monitoring.

Scheme advantage
High integration: switching function, network management function, alarm function;
Small size module, thin fashion;
Low power, wide temperature operation;
Saving cost, can be customized;
Flexible design, cost-effective;


·Support 5 Ethernet ports and 2 serial ports.
·SW-Ring (recovery time < 20 ms at full load)
·Support TCP Client, TCP Server, UDP, TcpAuto work mode
·Support Web and AT command management
·Support power and Ethernet port connection status alarm
·-40~85℃ working temperature
·Small size and high integration