MES5028M Industrial Ethernet Switch obtained Class A certification of State Grid


Congratulate MES5028M Industrial Ethernet switch passed a rigorous testing of power industry electrical equipment and instrumentation Quality Testing Center and obtained Class A certification, entered the distribution automation product catalog.



Since 2009, the construction of pilot smart substations, State Grid Corporation has always attached great importance to industrial Ethernet switch equipment, strict testing, strict control, only the manufacturer's equipment have been issued Class A certification report by the China Electric Power Research Institute and the National Grid EPRI  can be used in intelligent substation.

MES5028M is an industrial Ethernet switch  specially designed for the power industry , the product provides three modular interfaces of eight fast Ethernet port and one modular interface of four Gigabit Ethernet port. Products meet FCC, CE compliant, industrial  grade 4 design requirements, all indicators meet the State Grid Corporation of Class A equipment requirements for the electric power industry to provide high-performance, high-quality products.