The Small Sized 3onedata Industrial Ethernet Module with Big Energy


It has a compact structure, it is highly integrated, it has low power consumption and high bandwidth, it has WEB, CLI and Telnet management functions. It can help to minimize operations, embed easily and complete the secondary development fast. It is IEM7110-3G, a gigabit managed redundancy embedded industrial Ethernet switch kernel module that researched and developed independently by 3onedata.




This module supports 7-port 100M interfaces and 3-port gigabit interfaces, interface types are optional. It adopts the self-developed SW-Ring network redundancy technology, the self-healing time is less than 20ms, the maximum forwarding rate can be reached 1488100bps. It is especially useful for video transmission and other applications of large data. With reliable network realtime performance and stabilization, it also complies with the Ethernet switches layer 2 protocols that needed by industrial field applications.

Why the Small Module Has Big Energy?


No Fans, Low Power Consumption, More Stable

Adopt advanced and environment-friendly no-fan design, the power is less than 3W, operate quietly without noise, make system runs more stable, and help to extend the service life of the equipment.


Double Security, High Cost Performance

Built in SW-Ring network redundancy patent technology, support multi-type ring network structure. Equipped with the self-developed management software BlueEyesII, the system can upgrade online.


Multiple Three-layer Network Management Function

Support ports management, QOS, RSTP, RRPP and other three layer network management function.


Powerful and Efficient

Support CoS, ToS priority, use back pressure technology to control the flow, prevent buffer overflow, reduce transmission delay, and ensure efficient network operation.


Intelligent Monitoring, Alarm Output

Support 2-port alarm input I/O ports, 2-port alarm output I/O ports, it will alarm automatically where there’s a system crash and ensure the high reliability of network.


Deal with Complex Industrial Environments Easily

-40~85℃ super wide working temperature, the stainless steel case has high strength protection, fits the bad working conditions very well.


The gigabit managed redundant embedded industrial Ethernet switch core module launched by 3onedata has high integration density, and it is widely used in chemical pipeline monitoring system, intelligent traffic road monitoring system and water treatment monitoring system. Following will show you the most typical application of the module in car ground wireless communication system!

Car ground wireless communication system is a very important infrastructure of urban mass transit, its communication service includes CBTC, Train Operation Status Monitoring, Train Scheduling, PIS and CCTV, it is an important vehicle for real-time communication between train and ground. The communication quality and reliability of the system directly determine the operation status of the subway system, which is closely related to people's travel experience, and it is a key issue to be considered when urban subway construction is carried out.


3onedata industrial Ethernet module IEM7110-3G is applied for TAU devices in driver room of embedded train. The low energy consumption, high integration and compact design give ATU Ethernet communication capacity based on wireless communication, achieve seamless communication between CBTC system, PIS system and CCTV system. Build a more stable and reliable wireless vehicle-ground channel and enhance the comprehensive operation capacity of rail transit.


3onedata provides customers with efficient and comprehensive industrial Ethernet solutions according to different environments of various industrial sites. Through its own technical advantages and professional services, the communication system can operate efficiently and smoothly in a complex environment.


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