Originality Work丨3onedata Industrial Indoor Wireless AP Boosts Industrial Intelligence Progress


Since the "China Manufacturing 2025" was put forward, the fusion of informatization and industrialization is speeding up, intelligent manufacturing has become the subject of the development of industry intellectualization. And data accuracy is the key of intelligent manufacturing, so a secure and reliable industrial Internet and acquisition infrastructure are prerequisites.


3onedata has thoroughly researched the features of the development of   industry intellectualization, and has launched an industrial indoor wireless AP, IAP2312N-2T to meet the requirements of instantaneity, stability and eliability in industrial communication industry.


Product Introduction


The hardware of this industrial indoor wireless AP has many advantages such as long distance coverage, low consumption, wide temperature & wide pressure, dual power input and so on. With the built-in probe positioner needle, it supports RSSI accurate positioning. Coordinating with the back-end positioning server, it can automatically obtain terminal location information and realize accurate personnel positioning.


It support one 100M WAN port and one 100M LAN port, 48V standard PoE powered. Two SMA(male) antenna interfaces standard equipped with two 3dBi rod rubber omnidirectional antennas, the wireless coverage distance can reach several hundreds meters. The access rate reaches 300Mbps, -93dBm  high sensitivity receive. The built-in software firewall can keep connection stable, and significantly extend the transmission distance.

Management Interface


Considering wireless network safety, service quality and other important factors, 3onedata wireless AP products are all equipped with back-end management software. The intelligent background support multiple work modes, multiple AP seamless roaming, built-in software firewall, WEP SHARED and WPA2-PSK dual encryption, providing users with stable and safe wireless network, ensure the system runs smoothly and efficiently.


Product Highlights


Integrated Design

Support port forwarding, DMZ isolation area and other safety protection, fast implement multiple AP seamless roaming. 


Visual Management

Support wireless access user management, can query the work log locally and monitor the system operation in real time.


Diversified layout

Support multiple work modes, such as route, AP, network bridge, client, etc. Set up the network flexibly.


Intelligent Transmission

WPA2-PSK advanced encryption, SSID can be hidden to ensure the data transferred safely.


Industrial Chips

-40℃ ~ 75℃ operating temperature range, strong adaptability to environment, high network reliability.


High Intensity Protection

IP40 industrial protection grade, corrugated aluminum casing, complies with EMC tertiary protection standard.


Typical Application

With compact structural design, strong performance and fluent transmission, this wireless AP has been generally used in intelligent manufacturing, wind monitoring, logistics storage, electric power tunnel and other fields, and the application for logistics storage is the most typical.


Logistics management is an important link for enterprises to improve production efficiency and save costs. As a result, AGV (automatically guide vehicle) systems have been installed in many modern manufacturing workshops. AGV has been widely used in Automated warehouse, intelligent manufacturing and other fields for its high reliability and safety, it can reduce the demand for labor factory.



Normally, there are a lot of AGV cars operating in the workshop around 10,000 square meters. The system monitoring center needs to read the running status of AGV cars in time, control the specific action of AGV cars flexibly, receive the alarm quickly and identify the fault point of the cars. For the working mode of AGV cars, the monitoring center usually adopts wireless communication.


This industrial indoor wireless AP of 3onedata has many advantages, such as high bandwidth, long covering distance, low power consumption, wide temperature & wide pressure, dual power input, anti-interference, etc. It can satisfy the demand of wireless communication in AGV system operation, and significantly improve the efficiency of the production line, realize the seamless docking between production and logistics.


The application of AGV system accords with the development direction of industrial intelligence. With strict quality control, constantly improved product quality and the principle of user experience first, 3onedata has developed and introduced a number of wireless AP products, and has boosted industrial intelligent process.