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Wutongshan Beyond Tour

In order to create team spirit, team hone perseverance of faith, to strengthen solidarity and cohesion between the team, motivate the team members actively to meet the challenges of a positive attitude, July 23 3onedata organization staff embarked on a climb of Wutongshan beyond trip! 

3onedata elite gathered at the door of Wutongshan 

With a full smile and passion, we began to challenge tour

 Bridgehead gathered to group photo


Major discovery on the road, in fact, 3onedata products are widely used in such systems


Beautiful scenery and sweet smile

Bright sunshine, clear streams and 3onedata people


Make network communications more reliable and we will prove with concrete actions



Despite full of hardships on the road, we are still full of joy



Cheer and support each other, we can go farther and higher


Dare to explore, to be creative




▲Cheerful optimism


▲Casual open-minded






▲Full of confidence


3onedata always walk on the road continuing beyond


In the mountaineering activities, we release the passion, learn to mutual assistance, to establish confidence, ahead of ourselves. Leaving everyone believe that the "To be creative, Dare to go beyond" the belief that we will be able to create their own miracle!