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3onedata was awarded the "2015 ~ 2016 annual road safety Innovative Product Award"

August 29, 2016 to 31st, "all the way along the traffic ahead" as the theme of the Eighth China International Road Transport Security Expo held in Guangzhou, more than 230 Chinese and foreign enterprises to bring more than 3,000 kinds of products exhibition, an array of new products described It is to let the audience were "dazzling feast for the eyes." In order to better promote outstanding products to the audience, the exhibition organizers from advanced technology, quality, reliability and service quality and other aspects of a selected number of outstanding product.

  3onedata company representative (left) to receive an award

At the show the ceremony, also announced at the same time issued 2015--2016 Product Innovation of the Year Award, the top 30 Chinese intelligent transportation, driver training driving test a number of major awards outstanding enterprises, traffic safety protection products outstanding enterprises, traffic enforcement equipment outstanding enterprises. 3onedata as China Intelligent Transport 30 companies, but also with excellent characteristics of Gigabit Industrial Ethernet Switch IES7112G-4GS in thousands of businesses stand out thousands of products, and ultimately won the "2015 ~ 2016 annual road safety Innovative Product Award . " At the same time, Beijing E-Hualu, Qingdao Hisense Network, Shanghai think twice Electronics, Shenzhen Huawei and other well-known domestic enterprises also were on the list.

 Product award certificate

The 3onedata won the "Innovative Product Award", not only to show the product's reliability and advanced, it is also the industry's ability to innovate on 3onedata recognition and encouragement, which will further enhance 3onedata the road transport sector brand awareness and influence within. In the future, 3onedata will also be more focus on the transport sector, to create more excellent products for building more secure, orderly and smooth flow of road traffic environment to contribute.