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3onedata attened German robotics and automation technology trade fair(AUTOMATICA)

21-24 June 2016, Munich, Germany, robotics and automation technology trade fair (AUTOMATICA) held a grand international exhibition center in Munich, 3onedata as an outstanding Chinese manufacturers of industrial communications industry debut exhibition site to show our customers around the world industrial communication series of equipment new and innovative technology has attracted attention and praise the scene of many visitors, have become a major focus of the China Pavilion of the exhibition, a comprehensive show of the "3onedata" brand in the international  industrial automation in the field of brand influence.



Munich, Germany, robotics and automation technology trade fair (AUTOMATICA) is an international trade show, by the German Association of Machinery Manufacturing, Robotics and Automation and Support Sponsors, exhibitors, visitors Exhibition controlled by the data statistics agency (FKM) notary, It is the world's largest robotics, automation, mechatronics industry exhibition. Beginning in 2004, the exhibition held in Munich every two years once a year for the 7th. For over a decade, the show has become the world's largest and most important robotics and automation technology exposition.

3onedata overseas marketing center staff and posed for European customer

3onedata focused on the communications industry for 16 years, has a strong technical accumulation and rich experience in industrial applications in the field of industrial Ethernet communication transmission. The company has a strong R & D strength and improve the marketing channels, and by virtue of superior product performance and good after-sales service, has developed into the industry leader in the domestic communications industry leading brands.

3onedata overseas marketing center staff to explain the product to customers

3onedata staff for overseas customers to explain the product applications


3onedata to bring new products and technology exhibition, intended to actively develop the overseas market, and constantly enhance the international competitiveness of the core, the 3onedata series of industrial communications products and innovative technologies onto the international market, enhance 3onedata in the overseas market visibility and influence!