3onedata help Weihai city utility tunnel project to build reliable communication network



In released 2016 national pilot building utility tunnel cities list, Weihai, a closest city from China mainland to Japan and South Korea, the birthplace of the first Chinese modern navy - Beiyang navy, the site of sino-japanese war, one of the most suitable living coastal city, obtained the fifth to become one of 15 cities.As a global industrial network solution provider, 3onedata provides a reliable communication network for Weihan utility tunnel project with integrated industrial Ethernet solution, which helps the control center achieve the integrative, intelligentized management and operation to the overall system.




There are 11 small items ,containing old town and new eastern-coastal town, with total length of 34.15 km and a total investment of 3.159 billion RMB, including water supply, recycle water, electricity, heating, communication (including broadcasting and TV), sewage, rainwater, gas and others, totally eight categories of pipeline enter into the tunnel.

In 2016, the utility tunnel has been built 10.53KM, and deployed various categories pipelines and accessory equipments, such as power supply, water supply, telecommunication, heating supply, drainage and more. The control center, as the brain to monitor and manage the utility tunnel, integrating the information transmission, management coordination, security surveillance, remote control and etc, combining fire alarm equipment, security equipment and more, achieve the real-time monitoring to all kinds of data in tunnel, find problem and handle it timely. 3onedata provide a complete industrial Ethernet solution for automation control system of utility tunnel control center.


System Requirements


◆ Industrial design, can be applied to harsh environment
◆ Flexible and complete industrial Ethernet solution
◆ Stable and reliable communication network
◆ Support redundant network and fast self-recovery time
◆ Have the capability to handle massive data transmission
◆ Meet field camera and PLC accessing-in requirement
◆ Support remote monitoring, maintenance and troubleshooting


Advantages of 3onedata solution


Project used 2 products of 3onedata: core switch IES5028-4GS and access switch IES7110-2GS, with following advantages:
◆ A complete industrial Ethernet solution from access layer to core layer
◆ Industrial design, strong EMC performance, wide working temperature, totally satisfy the requirements of industrial site
◆ Support SW-Ring, patent tech of 3onedata, achieving the link redundant, self-recovery time less than 20ms, zero drops
◆ Support gigabit self-recovery ring, providing sufficient network communication bandwidth
◆ Redundant double power supply design, to ensure stable and reliable system operation
◆ Gigabit uplink use optical fiber to transmit, providing a transmission network with high stability
◆ Support failed alarm, to realize remote monitoring, maintenance and troubleshooting


Scene Pictures


▲The LCD of control center shows the environmental monitoring video of utility tunnel


▲Core switch IES5028-4GS, deployed in IT room of control center


▲Scene of utility tunnel


▲Access switch IES7110-2GS, deployed in PLC cabinet in tunnel


Application Products


1. Core Switch——IES5028-4GS



IES5028-4GS is one of independently development products of 3onedata, with high-performance, cost-effective, high-end management rack-mounted switches. It support many senior management functions, such as SW-Ring, VLAN, Trunking, QoS, rate control, port mirroring, fault alarm and online firmware upgrade. Its unique patent tech SW-Ring can bring you an intelligent redundant Ethernet, and provides a visual WEB setting interface. It comply with the FCC and CE standard, conform to requirements of the industrial grade 4 design, support 1 power input and 1 road relay alarm output, and wide working temperature 40 ~ 75 ℃. It meet all kinds of industrial field requirements, and can be widely used in power industry, water industry, rail industry and more.




◆ Support IEEE802.3, 802.3x/802.3z, IEEE802.1Q, IEEE802.1p, IEEE802.1D, IEEE802.1W
◆ Support IEEE802.1Q VLAN ( based on tag )
◆ Support RSTP, port trunking, QoS ( absolute and relative priority)
◆ Support static multicast filtering, IGMP Snooping, GMRP, SNMP
◆ Support SW-Ring, fault recovery time less than 20ms
◆ Support 1 channel 100-240VAC power supply, 1 channel relay alarm output
◆ Support rate control and broadcast storm control
◆ Support access level management, port mirroring
◆ Industrial grade 4 design, wide working temperature  40 ~ 75 ℃
◆ Fanless design

◆ IP30 protection, 19’standard rack-mounted installation

2. Access Switch——IES7110-2GS


IES7110-2GS(12/48VDC) is one of independently development products of 3onedata, with high-performance, cost-effective, mid- to high-end smart management switches. It support 8*10/100Base-T(X) and 2*1000Base-FX (SFP slot). It support patent tech SW-Ring, fault recovery time less than 20ms, easy to set redundant ring network in order to increase network reliability. Meanwhile, it support many management functions, such as VLAN, Trunking, QoS, IGMP, port mirroring and etc. In addition, it use no-fan, low power consumption, industrial design, support -40~75℃ wide working temperature, can work well in harsh industrial environment, provide a economical Ethernet solution.




◆ Support 8*10/100Base-T(X) and 2*1000Base-FX (SFP slot)
◆ Support patent tech SW-Ring, can set as many kinds of ring network, fault recovery time less than 20ms
◆ Support RSTP, VLAN, Trunking, QoS, IGMP snooping, port mirroring and etc
◆ Support WEB, Telnet management
◆ Support port data frames statistics
◆ Support abnormal status alarm report
◆ Support MAC address automatic study, automatic aging
◆ Support 2 channels power supply, 1 channel relay alarm output
◆ Support -40~75℃ wide working temperature, -40~85℃ storage temperature
◆ Support Din-rail installation