3onedata industrial POE switches shine brightly in 2016 Beijing CPSE


October 25-28th, after 4 days of exciting competition show, 2016 China public security Expo has finally come to an end. 3onedata showed industrial PoE switches, Gigabit Ethernet switches, other new products and security monitoring communication solutions in this Expo, not only attracted the attention of many visitors, but also gained high recognition and appreciation from the guests on site and industry experts, has become a highlight of the CPSE. Now, let's look at the exciting show of 3onedata during the exhibition.


Industrial POE sparkling debut

3onedata revolved round the theme of 'industrial POE' for the first time in the Expo, its new technologies, products and solutions made the audience's eyes light up, became the focus of all those present. 3onedata industrial PoE products not only inherited our industrial-grade and high-reliablity ingenious quality, the functions and configurations equipped with is also superior, leading the industry a new high, has been the scene of numerous professional visitors alike.



Full Gigabit HD fully open

In the case of Security monitoring transforming into network, high-definition and intelligent, mass data transmission has become an important part of the security system. As the security industry, high-quality communications transmission equipment suppliers, 3onedata one-stop industrial communications products and solutions are much industry concern. The Fair, in addition to displaying the main push of several products, the IES3012G-4GS, IES7112G-4GS new series Gigabit switches were high-profile, sought after by many professional audience consultation.



High operation temperature test show industrial performance

3onedata as a global Ethernet switch brands, the superior industrial performance of our productsis no doubt. For showing the real industrial grade quality, we have tested the operation temperature of products which can reflect industrial-grade features standard best on the exhibition site, in conditions of up to 85℃, our switch still work normal, guaranteed the stability of data transmission.



Disassemble test proved exquisite quality

At the same time, we allow customers to disassemble test in the exhibition site, check the internal motherboard components, so that customers can understanding quality of our products more in-depth. With reliable industrial performance, exquisite design and excellent components, our products won the recognition and praise of on-site customers ultimately.



3onedata has shown its advantages of rich product system and integrated solutions in this Expo. In the future, we will continue to focus on the field of industrial communications, requirements of security industry and technological innovation for industry customers with higher quality, more cost-effective products and solutions, continue to promote high-definition intelligent development in the field of security.