Snap shots of 3onedata technical elites "two-day tour in Shaoguan"


September 3rd to 4th, 2016, by the organization of company's Management Department, 3onedata R & D Center staff and some family members collectively launched the "two-day tour in Shaoguan" activities. Through this tourism activities, our employees have experienced a relaxed trip and gotten a great physical and mental relaxation. At the same time, not only enriched they amateur cultural life, but also enhanced the exchange of feelings between them and more fully developed team cohesion and willpower.


First stop, Nan Hua Temple, located on the side of the Cao Valley, is the first temple of Lingnan, first of four famous temples in Guangdong.


Group photo in front of Temple Hall


Check scenic route map before tour


The expression of the tour guide looks like Fu Yuanhui's primitive power


Funny idea, give them 100 'like'


Thousand-hand style from the family members is also not bad


Second stop, the most famous mountain in Guangdong,'World Geological Park'-Danxia mountain.


Group photo of danxia scenic entrance, we saw 3onedata's people full of joy


Open the funny mode, thigh show


Positive and happy travel


Get on a boat tour along the river, have a different taste


You have become someone else's landscape, when you look at the scenery


Which group's pose looks better?


Gathering in 3onedata is our life's fate


Finally, we come to the Yang Yuan Shi tourist area which is called  'the world 's most strange stone'.


3onedata army arrives, trying to look inside


Girls were very domineering, isn't it?


Smile on the face shows our happy mood


Why that guy is not me?


Arrived at the top of the mountain successfully, we are all terrific


Should on the top of the mountain, because we are 3onedata's people


This tourism activities, 3onedata technical elites are all in high spirits and have a very happy trip, enjoyed the release of physical and mental. Colleagues also help each other and communicate with each other, enhanced the feelings between each other and created a united and harmonious team atmosphere. Travel back, we will work with more full of enthusiasm, abundant energy and positive attitude, continue to make everyone's contribution for the further development of the company.