3onedata debut in Guangzhou • Eighth China International Road Transport Security Expo


August 29, 2016 to 31st, the Eighth China International Fair of Road Traffic safety products by the China Road Traffic Safety Association was held in Guangzhou Pazhou • Poly World Trade Expo. 3onedata as China Intelligent Transport top 30 companies, transportation network communications solutions provider of professional, but also to bring the latest industrial communication products and innovative industry solutions Special appearance.



It is understood that this exhibition is "traffic along the way ahead" as the theme, the exhibition area of nearly 23,000 square meters, 1100 booths, from domestic and foreign well-known manufacturers of more than 230 exhibiting companies. 3onedata as China Road Traffic Safety Association, and also a grand exhibition of special equipment, the scene is a scene by New Products + program demo video and other rich multimedia form, all-round display of the company's technological achievements in the field of intelligent transportation. During spreading, 3onedata show IES7112G-4GS series Gigabit switches and intelligent transportation integrated network solutions, has attracted many from across the country police traffic department, road research institutes, engineering integrators, enterprises and other visitors come to exchange of visits and more highly recognized and praised.



With road traffic information construction and development, high-definition surveillance equipment in the field of road traffic to large-scale deployment. And for transmission problems massive video, image data, 3onedata based communications solutions industrial IP network, to achieve the efficient transmission of surveillance video images and other information data, in order to build real-time, reliable communications network to stabilize the traffic monitoring system run protection. 3onedata intelligent transportation network solutions now can be widely used in hundreds of cities across the country in order to create a safe, smooth and orderly road traffic environment provides a reliable technical services.



In addition, during the fair, as well as a prominent theme, bright scene five forums, as well as the wonderful, rich in new products, new technology contest and awards ceremony for the audience to show the field of road traffic safety which a brilliant feast!