3onedata debut India International Automation Exhibition (AUTOMATION)


August 22, 2016 to 25th, a three-day India International Automation Exhibition (AUTOMATION) has successfully ended. 3onedata Internet as the world's leading industrial solutions provider, China Communications Industry leading brands, but also to bring the latest technologies and innovative products of industrial communication solutions Special debut exhibition site, to a global audience a comprehensive picture of innovation leading 3onedata industries communications technology.



India International Automation Exhibition (AUTOMATION) is India's most important and largest international automation exhibition, held since 2002, it has expanded each year, India is participating goodwill region's most professional international exhibition of automation. The exhibition is also a continuation of the previous peak, gathered hundreds of well-known companies from Germany, the United States, Japan, Italy, China and other countries in the world exhibition, but also attracted participation from around the world, more than 50,000 spectators. During the exhibition, we 3onedata exhibition hall with a distinctive image, rich display content, and the advantages of three-dimensional presentation of product technology to attract the attention of many professional visitors, and received strong praise.



With the continuous growth of the Indian economy, industrial automation to the rapid development in India, transport, electricity, new energy, automotive, aluminum, cement, steel, industrial automation and other industries have revealed strong signs of growth. Market demand for the industry in India, the exhibition on 3onedata highlight is applicable to these industries such as industrial Ethernet switches, serial networking servers, MODBUS communication gateways and other industrial products, we are committed to providing the industry automation system stop network communications solutions.



Among them, the three-dimensional display of this set of fire alarm systems, motion control systems, intelligent lighting systems, air purification systems, video surveillance systems, energy management systems in one solution for high-profile factory wisdom, simple and efficient communication transmission scheme also received many visitors praised recognition.



In recent years, with the 3onedata intensive in South-East Asia region, and its products in the international technical core competitiveness continues to increase. The 3onedata bring new products exhibition, is to get a number of new and old customers for their support, not only to consolidate the existing relations of cooperation, but also to explore a large number of potential customers, further expanding the 3onedata in Southeast Asia market visibility and influence. India International Automation Exhibition has become an international showcase 3onedata products become more overseas customer communication and cooperation 3onedata bridge.