3onedata became the first session council member of the National Defense Industry Association


Recently,3onedata honored to be invited to join the largest civil-military integration collaborative innovation public service platform - Shenzhen National  Defense Technology Industry Association, and  became the first session council member.



June 30, Shenzhen Association Luo Haiming Minister of National Defense Technology Industry Association, Deputy Secretary-General and other leading high-Pei and his party come to our Shenzhen headquarters 3onedata visit, and for the 3onedata awarded member of plaque. Sam Wang, general manager of Mr. Wu Jian, accompanied by the warm reception and association leaders visited the company showrooms, generation centers and R & D center, during the visit the two sides before the company and industry development conducted in-depth communication, leadership of the association in 3onedata achievements in the field of industrial communication research and innovation strength, patented technology, market performance and other aspects give a high degree of recognition and appreciation.



3onedata As the communications industry national brand, but also business people to join the army, its own research and development of embedded Ethernet module, Industrial Ethernet switches and other industry-leading industrial communication products and solutions in the defense industry and special industrial field have gained widely used. Meanwhile, 3onedata and services based on innovative design of its embedded core module, the IDF is to create communication products embedded design innovation service model precedent for the IDF to provide a secure and reliable network communications equipment and services to support the communication system. 3onedata embedded innovative technology products for its safe, reliable, real-time, high efficiency characteristics of the advantages achieved wide acclaim users, concern outside the industry, and with 3onedata continued innovation of products into the market, the market is expanding , 3onedata has become the backbone of the industry.

Association leaders said 3onedata very much welcome this innovative powerful enterprises to join, which will give new impetus to the Association. 3onedata added Defense Industry Association, by the Association resource platform will 3onedata industrial communication products and technologies in the field of defense technology industry more in-depth docking, and will get more opportunities to communicate with the elite Association of business cooperation, which will layout is 3onedata defense science and technology industry an important step.

Future, 3onedata will adhere to independent innovation, continue to create high-quality industrial communications products, making industrial-grade, military-grade communications solutions provider, actively promote the integration and development of the defense industry!