3onedata have been selected Chinese intelligent transportation top 30 four-years consecutive, and won ITS products Golden Lion Award once again


June 17, the fifth "China Intelligent Transportation top 30" selection results released, 3onedata fourth reelection won the award; In addition, other selection activities carried out in the same period, it 3onedata also won the "ITS post Fair Golden Lion Award ", again appeared in the" China intelligent transportation camp one hundred million yuan. "



It is reported that "China Intelligent Transportation top 30" list began in 2012, it is currently the intelligent transportation industry's most authoritative selection of activities, known as China's intelligent transportation market barometer. Fifth "Intelligent Transportation thirty strong" selection to start in March 2016, received a total of more than 140 enterprises to declare material, compared to the previous, more competitive. The final 3onedata virtue of leading technology strength and outstanding achievements in the field of intelligent transportation and communication, and ultimately stand out in the race, successfully established itself in the list of thirty strong fourth reelection won the award.



Golden Lion award is by the China Public Security Magazine, Shenzhen Intelligent Transportation Industry Association, China jointly launched the intelligent transportation network. "Golden Lion Award" from the first selection has caused great concern to the industry. The 3onedata with industrial grade Gigabit managed switch products --IES7112G-4GS superior performance and extensive application won the "ITS Expo cross the Golden Lion Award."


▲Golden Lion Award Product IES7112G-4GS


The ITS industry won an important award is the industry 3onedata in intelligent transportation industry once again affirmed and recognized, but also to 3onedata years of continuous exploration in intelligent transportation industry, innovation support and encouragement, which will further enhance the three Wang communications in ITS industry brand awareness and influence. In the future, more will focus 3onedata focus ITS industry, tailored to each system more in line with the ITS industry application-specific products, to build reliable intelligent transportation and communication networks, in order to build a harmonious intelligent traffic and make greater contribution.

In addition, on June 17 - 19, 2016 a three-day 5th Shenzhen International Intelligent Transportation and satellite navigation location-based services in the exhibition, 3onedata won the Golden Lion Award for portable products IES7112G-4GS communications transmission products and other industrial exciting debut . A live demonstration of the product temperature environmental testing, intelligent transport network integrated solutions, as well as intelligent traffic outdoor private industrial Ethernet switch and other product solutions have attracted many customer inquiries and concerns.