3onedata debut in the 13th China International Exhibition for Modern Railways


June 20-23, the 13th China International Modern Railways Exhibition by the China Railway and China World Trade Center hosted a gala held in Beijing China International Exhibition Center. As a leading industry provider of Internet solutions, a modern railway communication system core products and solutions provider of professional, 3onedata bring modern railway industrial communication solutions, embedded modules and industry success stories brilliant debut exhibition, a comprehensive display of three Wang industries communications technology in the railway transportation industry application advantages.



The exhibition, 3onedata demonstrated station electrical and mechanical equipment monitoring system, multiple solutions Railway Tunnel disaster prevention monitoring system, vehicle monitoring systems, train, and by the image of the program and three-dimensional topology presentation program, a comprehensive display 3onedata industrial Ethernet communications solutions in the industry system application stable, efficient, safe and comprehensive advantages. At the same time, display embedded module products, with high integration, small size, feature-rich, simple and convenient, can be integrated in the design of innovative applications, seamlessly integrated in the system devices, the system provides safe and efficient real-time stable integrated communications solutions. 3onedata with distinctive image of the exhibition, rich display content, three-dimensional presentation of the advantages and product technology gained widespread attention and praise of many professional audience.




3onedata spectators flocked to showrooms


Through this exhibition, 3onedata not only comprehensive, three-dimensional display of our industrial communication technology advantage in the railway industry, and the industry shows a rich products, advanced technology, innovative industrial mode of communication leading brand corporate image to better build 3onedata brands, enhance corporate influence has played a positive role in promoting.

Future, 3onedata will further focus the railway industry, the rail industry continues to focus on the development of innovative communications products, but also actively explore the convergence of communication technologies and modern railway industry system, the introduction of more industry-system applications for industrial communication products and industry solutions program for the modernization of the railway and make greater contributions!