Striving for innovation benchmarking industrial communication 3onedata enable R & D center inaugurated


With the rapid development of modern information society, network, intelligence-based communications equipment market demand increasingly strong Internet industry, 3onedata As the communications industry leading brand, in recent years, it is increasing investment in product development.

June 6, 3onedata to invest in new research and development center with a total area of 1400㎡ officially inaugurated enabled the company leaders at all levels and departments in charge of R & D centers colleagues attended the ceremony to witness this important moment!

The opening ceremony, general manager of the company in charge of the total R & D General Manager Mr.Xiong made an important speech, after analyzing the current situation of the development of the industry, industry competition and the company's development planning, R & D department also raised new hopes and demands. R & D department to be responsible people, combined with the company's development plans and the working characteristics of this sector, the development of ideas and development planning declaration.


▲General Manager Mr.Xiong delivered an important speech


▲R & D center inaugurated


3onedata built R & D center, which further strengthened the 3onedata technological innovation and product development capabilities, the company's emphasis on R & D team building, continue to increase R & D investment is a big move, but it is 3onedata R & D work to the group an important step in the development of large-scale management step. This not only demonstrates 3onedata in "adhere to independent innovation, to create national brand" aspect of the determination, it is 3onedata in achieving an important milestone "in the global industrial network communications leading brands," the vision of the road.

Into product development center, the rushing of science and technology and modern atmosphere. Clean, bright office lobby, open communication and information desk ...... thinking collision here easier and convenient. Overall R & D center is green design style, but also with 3onedata's insistence on open innovation, entrepreneurial spirit of the same strain of low carbon environmental protection.


▲Clean, bright office lobby


▲Open office communication environment

Construction of a new research and development center, not just to improve the external environment, but also upgrade equipment R & D update. Software testing, power interference, lightning tester, high temperature box, impact testing, EMC testing, surge testing equipment to detect a large number of research and development updates, product research and development of more precise specifications, improve the comprehensive development of the company's quality system. At the same time, investment in research and development of advanced equipment used, 3onedata will be based on three product high temperature, EMC, MTBF and other aspects of a significant upgrade, improve 3onedata products safe, reliable, and stable characteristics of real-time,quality.


▲Surge industry's most advanced test equipment


Following 3onedata start using the new R & D center, 3onedata will be fully open R & D and technical personnel expansion plan, continue to increase for R & D investment, and strive to become a benchmark for innovation in the field of industrial communication for 3onedata future development of solid foundation.