3onedata in Zhuhai GridTec


On November 12, with "exploring the future with smart energy connection" as the theme of the 2015 Zhuhai smart grid conference and China (Zhuhai) international exhibition of smart grid (GridTec Zhuhai) grand opening at the Zhuhai international conference and exhibition center. As a global industrial Ethernet solutions professional provider, 3onedata also invited to attend, with a full range of industrial power system communication solutions and a new generation of electric power industry dedicated industrial Ethernet switch products to participate in the expo.



The exhibition with "exploring the future with smart energy connection" as the theme, "the introduction of international innovation technology, driving the development of regional industry" as purpose, takes the form of "conference drive the exhibition", give priority to with the smart grid professional conference of 600 people, at the same time, with 5000 square meters exhibition area of professional exhibition, also supplemented by Industry at the forefront of high technology seminar, peak BBS, ccpit, industrial park visit and other supporting activities.


Conference on smart grid and the urban development, electric power informatization, smart grid and renewable energy,  electricity, financing and leasing of innovative applications and practice to discuss and exchange, aimed at further promoting the popularization and application of electric power science and technology innovation achievements. In recent years, 3onedata also deepening focused on the electric power communication, and with the strong innovation ability, launched a series of communication for power industry application solutions and quality and reliable communication products, provide the reliable communication and transport technologies and services for the power system, actively promote the development of electric power automation and smart grid.


In this exhibition, 3onedata showed a full range of industrial power system communication solutions,  fully displayed the  advantages of our industrial Ethernet switches in intelligent power transformer on-line monitoring system,  power distribution automation system, wind power, photovoltaic power generation monitoring system, distributed energy and micro grid monitoring systems, hydroelectric and thermal power DOS system, electric vehicle charging and other power system applications, received numerous unanimous favorable comment of the audience. At the same time, the new generation of industrial Ethernet switch products designed for electric power industry are highly attention and recognition from the professional visitors.


Technical staff and visitors in-depth exchange


At present,our products and solutions has been widely used in more than 30 provinces and 1000 new energy projects, its stable and reliable performance also won highly affirmation and recognition of general customers and markets.
As the top 50 innovation enterprises of power industry and the promoter of smart grid, we will  provide reliable communications network support for each system in electric power industry, actively promote the process of electric power automation and the development of smart grid construction by our advanced communication transmission technology and equipments.