3onedata actively promote Standard IEC61850


On 5th July 2008, 3onedata was invited by Cell News and joined 1st Standard IEC61850 Exchange-the digital substation Forum.

Nowadays with the development and extensively spread of network and digital products. Substation automation system also turned into a new phase of digital development. But there is no a unified rules to specify the equipments and products which come from different manufacturers and countries.so it has a bad compatibility between these products. So Standard IEC61850 come into being. It is a international rules about substation automation system and data communication. So that it draw much attention from related companies of power industry.

Since its foundation in 2001, 3onedata devote to R&D Industrial data communication products and become world-class industrial communication experts through providing the consumers Serial Communication solutions,ethernet serial solutions and optical datacommunication solutions with low price and high stability. Now all the products meet Standard IEC61850 and we can provide practical cases and acomplete set of system.