MES series are 3onedata industrial Ethernet switches which focus on electric power industry. It can meet the IEC61850 and IEEE1613 standards, get the national grid class A certification, and meet the demand of the strict EMC performance requirements of industrial communication system design. This product has been widely used in the process layer and station control layer of Smart Grid and other industrial communication systems with serious requirements on EMC performance.

IEC61850 Ethernet Switches
  • IEC61850 8-port Managed Ethernet Switches with 4-port RS-232/485/422

    Model: MES600 Series

    MES600 series are 100M layer 2 managed industrial Ethernet switches. This series have two types of products, and the products provide 4 100M copper ports and 4 100M fiber ports and 4 optional serial ports. They adopt DIN-Rail mounting, which can meet...

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  • IEC61850 24+4G-port Managed Ethernet Switches

    Model: MES5000 Series

    MES5000 series are 28-port 100M/gigabit layer 2 managed industrial Ethernet switches. This series have seven types of products and adopt modular design, which supports 3 4-port 100M fiber/copper port modules. They provide various interfaces like 100M...

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