3onedata New Products Preannouncement in the first quarter of 2021

3onedata will introduce a variety of new products in the first quarter of 2021, including 10G Ethernet switch, secure serial device server, wireless AP, etc.

3onedata's 2020 Year in Review

3onedata‘s 2020 Year in Review

3onedata Introduces New Secure Serial Device Server to Help Enhance Network and Data Security

3onedata introduces its new secure serial device server NP5100 to help enhance network and data security. With thirty-two 3IN1 serial ports, it can get multiple types and a large number of serial devices connected easily.

3onedata Launches New Ethernet Switch for Critical Networks

3onedata has released four series of managed industrial switches and three series of unmanaged industrial switches.

Five Things You Need to Consider When Selecting an Industrial Switch

As Ethernet network designs are becoming more and more popular for enhancing the reliability and availability of data communications in hazardous conditions, your choice of Ethernet switch that form your control and information network infrastructure becomes as critical as any other part of your process. In this article, we will discuss five different details you should take into consideration to ensure you to select the right switch.

What Is A PoE Switch and Why You Need the PoE Switch?

The large amount of devices used by industrial applications such as transportation, public facility and manufacturing automation will give rise to the cables in a condition of disorder. With industrial devices becoming more power-hungry, the PoE technology wins a good reputation among users with the capability to provide higher power and reduce the number of cables required. In this article we will discuss what is PoE switch and how to use PoE switch.

How to Choose Between a Managed and Unmanaged Switch in Industrial Ethernet Application?

The use of Ethernet on factory floors and in industrial applications to access and remotely monitor data is rapidly growing. As Ethernet reaches the factory floor, choosing the right infrastructure—including the right switch for the right application—is imperative to maximize the performance of an entire system. At the highest level, this decision begins with the selection of managed and unmanaged Ethernet switches. In this article, we’ll compare unmanaged switches to managed switches from different aspects, and suggest when and where to use each type of switch.

Difference Between Industrial Switch and Commercial Switch

Industry 4.0, the fourth industrial revolution, projects are implemented in many countries today. In this context, network communication gains importance as part of the digital network. Compared to commercial switch, the industrial Ethernet switch can provide reliable, stable and safe network communication in complex industrial environments. But how to recognize whether it’s an industrial switch?

3onedata Solutions Exhibit at SPS in Nuremberg

3onedata presents its latest intelligent manufacturing solution and smart city solution at SPS.

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