Prospects and Benefits

Cooperation Prospects


3onedata will provide diverse and flexible support plans to different customized service partners, so that partners can be full members of the cooperation plan and develop solutions that meet customer needs with 3onedata. 3onedata will help cooperation plan members expand their potential customers range, explore more market opportunities to enhance the competitiveness of enterprises.


Cooperation Benefits


1. Use 3onedata's customer service cooperation plan logo to promote brand awareness 


2. Enter 3onedata's marketing platform to expand the influence scope and intensity


3. Get 3onedata experts' advice to improve product application capability


4. Obtain 3onedata's strict evaluation test to guarantee the recognition of customers


Professional Support


1. Download 3onedata's technical manual


2. Technical answer and help


3. Regular technical and product development seminars


4. Product design review


5. Flexible test prototype purchase policy


6. Use 3onedata's professional testing laboratory


7. On-site support services


8. Enjoy 3onedata's incentive plan