Cooperation Plan


Cooperation Plan

3onedate is dedicated to be an international first-class provider of industrial communication equipment and solution. With nearly 18 years of experience in innovation, R&D and technical support, 3onedata can provide not only standard industrial communication equipments but also specific solutions according to customer’s requirements. From demand assessment, R&D, design, production, testing and delivery we take advanced technology and high quality service to provide optimum customized solutions. We are undoubted the leader in domestic industrial communication customization field, especially in the applied industries of Rail Transit, High-speed rail, Smart Grid, Oil & Gas and Automation Manufacturing. We have many successful stories among products and projects such as the industrial embedded modules, which earn great competitiveness in domestic market.

The customization cooperation plan of 3onedata aims to promote further cooperation with professional partners with unqique product feature requirements in various fields so as to meet customer’s site demands. If you have certain R&D capacities and development experience, but uncapbale to make some good ideas or concepts to be ture, or need cooperation to develop some advanced technologies we are warmly welcome to join our cooperation plan. You will realize customized demand and solution with our professional experience.


Partner Type

The following organization, institution and existing partners are welcome to join us.


1. Independent Equipment Manufacturer

2. SI(System Integrator)

3. Research Institute

4. Operator

Cooperation Mode

Through the in-depth cooperation by following two types of customized service partners, 3onedata has formed a solution with market value.

I. Universal Cooperation

a. Further develop 3onedata's industrial embedded modules and integrate them into solutions for site application requirements of end users.

b. Based on partners' concepts and specific requirements 3onedata designs and develops customized products.

II. Complementary Cooperation

Partners can integrate special technologies in their hand and cooperate with 3onedata according to the actual demand.