Cooperation Plan

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Customization Service Cooperation Plan

3onedata is committed to being an international first-class provider of industrial communication solutions and services. With nearly 20 years of experience in innovation, R&D and professional technical support,3onedata can not only provide standard industrial communication products, but also can offer diverse solutions according to specific requirements.From needs assessment, research and development, design, testing, certification to product delivery, 3onedata always stick to the most professional technology and high quality service, tailored your own industrial communication solutions. We are absolutely the leader in domestic industrial communication customization field, especially in rail traffic, high speed rail, power new energy and other industries. We have many successful cases, the pioneering industrial embedded module is our core competitiveness.


The customization service cooperation plan of 3onedata is intend to promote the in-depth cooperation between excellent manufacturers in various fields and rely on the cooperation to meet customers' increasing demands of diverse and personalized product. If you have certain R&D capacities and development experience,good ideas or concepts, but can not achieve them, or if you are mastering some special technologies that make complementation with 3onedata, you are welcome to join our customization service cooperation plan, we will help you achieve specific customization demand, and come up with a rich and integrated solutions.


Cooperative Partner

The customization service cooperation plan is open to the following organization or institution. Existing partners are also welcome to join the customization service cooperation plan.


1. Independent Equipment Manufacturer

2. SI(System Integrator)

3. Research Institute

4. Operator

Cooperative Mode

Through the in-depth cooperation with following two types of customized service partners, 3onedata has formed a solution of market value.

I.  Universal Cooperation

a. Partners to further develop 3onedata's industrial embedded modules, and integrate them into solutions for users.

b. Based on partners' concepts and specific requirements, 3onedata develops new products and integrate them into solutions for users.

II.  Complementary Cooperation 

Partners have mastered some special technologies and can integrate advantages and make complementation with 3onedata, achieve strategic cooperation with 3onedata, and develop solutions of market value.